Here are the passion projects in my life, some in the past and more in the making.

The list is far from complete, but paints a good picture of how I spend my time outside of work.

Thought Leadership

Frequent speaker at various industry events, with the goal of helping creators to cross the cultural chasm so more brands would have the chance to succeed in the global market.


Teaching influenced how I approach people management - leadership is to nurture, empower, and motivate members to become of the best of themselves.

Cultural Psychology

Always a social science nerd. Marketing is understanding consumer psychology. I'm always curious of how culture puts its mark on this part of the human psyches.

Career  Coaching

It brings me joy to mentor students on strength finding and career planning. In addition to speaking at career development events, also founded an internship program to help students to learn by doing.

Past Events & Experiences
Interview with The Stanford Daily
Q&A: Crowdfunding exec Lu Li on U.S., China consumer psychology
Interview with The Verge
Interview with Ashley Carman from The Verge to tell the story of Chinese gadget makers' intrepid journey entering the global market, a perspective you don't often hear.

In this episode of In the Making, we talked about the particular set of challenges Chinese hardware companies face when launching products in the U.S.
Seminar at Stanford U.S.-Asia Technology Management Center
On the topic of "Crowdfunding and the global transformation of consumer product makers in Asia" at the Digital Transformation Among New and Traditional Industries in Asia Seminar Series
Podcast with When Unicorns Fly
Had a great time talking with PwC Raise's Thomas Hudson and Jeevan Sunner about how to leverage crowdfunding to market your product ideas.
Tuya's Global AI+IoT Business Conference
Panelist at Tuya's Global AI+IoT Business Conference on product innovations and consumer trends in smart/connected products.
Xiaomi Youpin x Indiegogo
Launched Indiegogo's collaboration with Xiaomi Youpin, helping more products in Xiaomi's ecosystem to launch into global markets.
GlobalSource Startup Launchpad
Speaking at GlobalSource Startup Launchpad in Hong Kong, on consumer hardware innovation trends in crowdfunding from our early-adopter community on Indiegogo.
Crowdfunding Strategy Workshop
Hosted a workshop to teach entrepreneurs how to deploy specific marketing tactics and strategies to do run a successful crowdfunding campaign.
BRINC Global Startup Pitch Competition
Judged at 2019 MAKE IT IN CHINA Global Startup Pitch Competition by Brinc.

The contest aims to introduce international hardware startups to China’s manufacturing ecosystem so they can scale their product production. #makeitinchina
Stanford's Japan Business Culture Class
Glad I was invited back to Stanford by Professor Richard B. Dasher to share my experience with his class on cross-border work's reality, rewards, and everything in between, along with an amazing panel.
Graduate thesis on consumer psychology
I spent my time at Stanford with the renowned Professor Hazel Markus, social psychologist and a pioneer in the field of cultural psychology. Under her advisory/mentorship, I studied consumer behaviors under the lens of cultural psychology. For my thesis, I wrote about how consumers' preference for emotional appeals in advertising differs in Western and East Asian cultural context.
Stanford Career Workshop
Honored to be invited back to my department to work with bilingual and bicultural students on how to position their unique set of talents to land their first post-grad job. Here's me with students who stayed through the whole evening!
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