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Here are the passion projects in my life, some in the past and more in the making.

The list is far from complete, but paints a good picture of how I spend my time outside of work.

Thought Leadership

Frequent speaker at various industry events, with the goal of helping creators to cross the cultural chasm so more brands would have the chance to succeed in the global market.


Teaching influenced how I approach people management - leadership is to nurture, empower, and motivate members to become of the best of themselves.

Cultural Psychology

Always a social science nerd. Marketing is understanding consumer psychology. I'm always curious of how culture puts its mark on this part of the human psyches.

Career  Coaching

It brings me joy to mentor students on strength finding and career planning. In addition to speaking at career development events, also founded an internship program to help students to learn by doing.

Past Events & Experiences
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