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Chinese hardware makers turn to crowdfunding as they look to go global

At an event hosted by California-based crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for Chinese consumer product makers in Shenzhen, businesses from sizes ranging from a startup making portable power stations to 53-year-old home appliances behemoth Midea listened attentively as Indiegogo’s China managers shed light on how to court Western consumers.


April 9, 2021

Indiegogo expands its Global Fast Track Program to Japan

Indiegogo  plans to help more Japanese entrepreneurs run successful crowdfunding campaigns through a new expansion of its Global Fast Track Program.


December 14, 2020

Despite global headwinds, Chinese hardware startups remain to take on the world

While many export-led hardware businesses loathe decreasing profitability, some learn to adapt and look for a silver lining. That has unexpectedly spurred new directions for factory owners in China. Indiegogo,  one of the world’s largest crowd-funding platforms, saw the changes firsthand.


November 9, 2020

Chinese brands are huge on crowdfunding, even if you'd never know it

“Be proud of your country of origin because, at the end of the day, it is really about the product being awesome,” says Li. “When your audience buys the product, uses the product, and then likes it, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if it’s labeled, ‘Made in China.’ 


Nov 5, 2020

Chinese gadget makers have to overcome stigma to launch in the US

In the newest episode of In The Making, Ashley Carman discussed the challenges Chinese creators face when looking to break into the US and how they overcome those obstacles.


Nov 12, 2020

​Indiegogo expands its efforts to help Chinese startups reach global consumers

While crowdfunding company Indiegogo has been running a pilot program in China for the past couple of years, it’s now building on those efforts with the launch of the Indiegogo China Global Fast-Track Program.


June 5, 2018

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