Hi. I'm Lu.


 My family named me "Lu", meaning dew in Mandarin. I always find it to be a powerful word as dew to me represents morning and hope.


Dews replenish what's around them while also having the strength to sculpt stones if given time and consistency. I hope to live a life of nurturing, perseverance, and vivacity. 




Lu is the General Manager of Global Strategy at Indiegogo, a global crowdfunding platform that helps creators bring their ideas to life and reach their first customers. Since joining Indiegogo, Lu has built a team in both San Francisco and Shenzhen to help creators from Greater China bring their products to a wider, global audience, raising over $300M in funds on Indiegogo to date. 


More recently, Lu expanded her cross-border marketing program at Indiegogo into Japan with exciting initial results. The vision is to make Indiegogo the platform of choice for APAC creators looking to launch their brand to the world. 

Before taking on crowdfunding, Lu worked in digital marketing, broadcast media, and was a well-known “influencer" English lecturer, with hundreds of students across the country. 

Lu received her B.S. in Media, Culture, Communications from NYU and M.A. in East Asian Studies for Psychology & Marketing from Stanford University. She is also recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 for her work in cross-border marketing and advertising.